Mum of 2 and classical singer, Jemma, has enjoyed her time with AAH and listening to music other than The Wiggles!

“I've been singing forever! From my school years, through university and ever since. Mostly choral music, almost entirely classical.  I sang with university choirs for a couple of years and in Perth I sang at St George's Cathedral where I was lucky enough to do a couple of gigs with a chamber choir called the Giovanni Consort. In Sydney I sang for a couple of years with the Sydney Philharmonic Chamber Singers. It all came to a halt when I was pregnant with my daughter (now four). Since then my repertoire has been limited to the Wiggles!


I saw the AAH post on a friend's Facebook late one night. I am a fan of The Idea of North and the time and location were workable so I jumped in.


I'm over the moon to be singing again but it's been a rude shock to realise how rusty I am. I'm also really enjoying doing something very different musically to what I've done in the past, such as small group singing. I really enjoy Naomi's fabulous musicality and teaching style.


Why should others give it a go? Because the AAH is different to anything you'll have done before, Naomi is a fabulous teacher and because it's really, really fun.”