A technology enthusiast and singer! Abeer is a Lead Business Analyst at a neobank (digital bank) called VOLTBANK, the very first digital bank in Australia.

”I've been singing since childhood in school choirs, in competitions, in bands and in temples. However, I recently realised I haven’t been following my passion like I used to so I got back to training my voice with an Indian classical teacher in strathfield. From here I wanted to once again invest further in my voice and that’s when I found AAH.


I believe in destiny and I came across an advertisement for AAH on Facebook inviting us to an open day. I just had to go... I loved it! It was totally new to me, I knew about singing in harmony as I had done it in school but I didn’t know formal training was locally available!


I’m learning so many new skills with AAH, I’m even learning to read western music. I’ve made good friends and Naomi makes it really easy and safe for us to learn, it may all sound very technical but her teaching style makes it so simple. The joy of creating music together leaves you so energised and happy, it really is a food for your soul.


To anyone considering joining AAH, I'd say just try it, music is like a medicine and harmony singing is not that daunting especially because you are doing it in a group. Most of the time I am only copying people next to me and Naomi says that’s a valid way to learn!”