There are thousands of choirs in Australia. Countless solo singers.

And a very small handful of vocal groups.

The AAH is here to change that.

The science surrounding singing is comprehensive: singers are happier, healthier, more highly achieving people who feel strongly connected to their society. Singing in groups  can alleviate depression, anxiety and feelings of disconnect and isolation.

Vocal group friendships have bonds like no other, bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds. Singing together activates both brain hemispheres, releases endorphins, and is darn good fun. 

Through her travels throughout Australia and beyond, Naomi has noticed a distinct lack of education tailored to the art of small-group singing, yet the enthusiasm for the art form is high. It's time to connect the dots and flood this highly musical country with as many vocal groups as it can handle! 

AAH participants will learn the craft of small-group singing through training developed over many years of professional experience in The Idea of North and other vocal groups and ensembles. Participants will be formed and reformed into different combinations, learning how to hold a part, blend with different vocal tones, musically collaborate with other singers, and even write and arrange their own repertoire. 

Harmony skills classes comprising of music theory, sight reading and aural training are included free with every registration. These classes are non-compulsory but highly recommended.

The final class of each term will have a performance focus, and will be open to family and friends wishing to observe. In addition to this, throughout the year other public performance opportunities may arise as a result of your work within the AAH. These will be coordinated by the AAH in collaboration with the chosen participants.

our mission

•.  To educate and encourage the next wave of harmony singers in Australia

•.  To promote a strong sense of musical community, of the belonging and wellbeing associated with singing together

•.  To provide a world-class educational entity to teach the art of small-group close-harmony singing

•.  To foster an environment of diversity, inclusion and acceptance, both within and outside of the musical sphere. We at AAH acknowledge the intrinsic link between our emotional wellbeing and our interpersonal musical connection.


NAOMI Crellin (alto, musical director The Idea of North) graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Voice from the Elder Conservatorium – University of Adelaide after beginning on classical piano. She has been a member of many choirs, orchestras and ensembles throughout her career. In addition, Naomi has played a wide range of musical instruments including piano, cello and oboe.


She won the Young Australian Composer of the Year Award (1996) and Best Undergraduate Vocalist Award (2001) from the Elder Conservatorium of Music.  Naomi has also studied classical, jazz and contemporary voice, conducting, piano and jazz ballet, and has taught piano, vocal, and choral  students for many years. Educating vocalists of all ages and ability levels in the niche art of small group ensemble singing is her specialty and her passion. 


After joining The Idea of North in early 2002, Naomi quickly became a significant contributor to the group’s repertoire through her writing and arranging and has also utilised her extensive choral training and experience in taking a major responsibility for managing the group’s musical affairs and educational activities.


Naomi augments her Idea of North experience by adjudicating, writing, arranging, workshopping, masterclassing and consulting in all things vocal. The Australian Academy of Harmony is her latest, largest and loveliest endeavour.