At the Australian Academy of Harmony we are humbled that such a diverse group of individuals choose to spend their time with us. From doctors to speech pathologists, mums, dads and corporates alike.


We invite you to come and join us as we harmonise together, create friendships and learn more about the interesting people that share our community.

Read on to learn more about some of our participants and why they keep coming back.



“AAH is such a rewarding and enjoyable experience every single week. Even if you're in a bad mood, you can't help but leave feeling warm and happy.”



“If you enjoy music, don’t think twice about joining the Academy. It’s for all levels, for those who are super serious to those who know nothing, like me, and I still feel extremely comfortable. It’s a place where I can shake off the daily stresses of work and relax and enjoy participating in creating music together... Its super fun! Not to be missed!”



“I can’t think of a better next step for choir members or solo singers looking for a new challenge.  Nor can I think of any person better to lead and teach than the musical director of Australia’s only professional a cappella group.”



“I'm over the moon to be singing again but it's been a rude shock to realise how rusty I am. I'm also really enjoying doing something very different musically to what I've done in the past, such as small group singing. I really enjoy Naomi's fabulous musicality and teaching style.”



I felt sooo uplifted after class.  You [Naomi] creates a space where singers can try new things and challenge and stretch themselves, and you adds in the skills to know how best to support their efforts.  Thank you so much for creating the AAH. I am so loving the opportunities and the discoveries I am experiencing and making.